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You've found a journalist!  Great!
Here is how you make their twitter stream come straight into your Mahara "Current Events" blog:

  • Log in to Mahara
  • go to "My Views"
  • select your "Current Events" blog
  • choose to “Edit content” from the options along the top right
  • select “External feeds” tab
  • drag onto blog page
  • fill-in pop-up box

> Block Title: "BBC correspondent" or whatever Ms Riley wants you to call it

> Feed Location:

If their Twitter handle is @BBCIndia,  you type: bbcindia in the place of twitterhandle

> Items to show: 5

> Items in full: No

Looking for an in-country journalist? Try these sites:

Newspaper Map (
Newseum Front pages (
World Newspapers (

To embed a followed hashtag

If the hastag is #NorthKorea,  you type NorthKorea in the place of sljbob12