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Burg/Frederick CitR

The Cold War-

From ABC-CLIO: Overview; Origins; Resolution; TIMELINE
From expert space: Overview
From Opposing Viewpoints: Relationship to Today

Cars and the Automotive Industry-

From ABC-CLIO: Overview; Highways; Autos in 1950's; FORD radio commercial
From expert space: Map


From ABC-CLIO: Overview; Levittown; Aerial View; Street Scene
From expert space: Overview
From Salem History: Post-war Housing


Prep School Culture-


From ABC-CLIO: Overview; Genres; Image

Nuclear Age-

From expert space: Origins

Military/Industrial Complex-

Salem History


From ABC-CLIO: Overview; Image
From expert space: Overview

Pop Culture

From ABC-CLIO: Dancehall era; Pepsi radio commercial; Hopalong Cassidy radio commercial; Reform; Hair

Airline Industry-

For All topics

Research Process

Tips for searching Google

Tool for evaluating websites - After you Google, use this list of questions to determine if the information is "good."

Bibliography tool - Tempted to use EasyBib?  We recommend NoodleTools Express instead

CVU Bibliography Guide