Audio + Ebooks

"Check out"
free downloadable audiobooks and ebooks through Listen Up! Vermont. Sign in choosing Champlain Valley Union High School and your school ID number (the same one you use to buy lunch). There are also instructions to help you learn how to download and play digital audio files. These digital audio- and ebooks are checked out like library materials.

We have two Kindle ereaders in the library available to check out. As with pricier items, like calculators or A/V equipment, students need to have an adult sign a permission form in order to borrow a Kindle.

Kindles can be borrowed for one week, and we currently have them loaded with lots of literary classics. For details about the titles loaded, search kindle in our library catalog.

Project GutenbergHas over 46,000 free ebooks: Including epub books, kindle books, and html books. Read them online or on your device.

ABC-CLIO Social Studies ebook collection.

Salem History contains the following ebooks:
Milestone Documents - A new, primary source series
The Decades - Salem's critically acclaimed American history series
Great Lives from History - The definitive, worldwide biographical resource
Great Events from History - The complete resource for worldwide events

Also available are several important, stand-alone historical reference sets, including:

Historical Encyclopedia of American Business - a complete view of all aspects of American Business
Musicians & Composers - Biographical profiles of important figures in all genres of music
Great Athletes - A comprehensive look at over 1,400 sports heroes and legends

Weapons & Warfare - A historical view of the development of weapons and military tactics
American Immigration - An innovative approach to immigration history

Librivox is a volunteer effort to make digital audio recordings of books in the public domain. This means books that are quite old (classics) and no longer under copyright. You won't find Steven King or Stephenie Meyers here, but you will find The Odyssey, Shakespeare, and lots of other classics that are assigned for English classes. These digital audiofiles are always available to download or stream.

Additional sites to download free audiobooks in the public domain (if they are free, they are probably old classics) are:

eJunto small selection of classic nonfiction history & philosophy started by a Vermonter
Project Gutenburg Category: "Audio Book, Human Read"